Will SMith the (not so) Nazi – 2

Lookslike the prince of Bel Air isn’t a fan of Adolf Hitler. Problem is, he still might unknowingly subscribe to another by-product of totalitarian thinking.
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It seems that “Will believes everyone is basically good” is just the reporter’s characterization of Smith’s statement. Nothing in the quoted material suggests that Smith was saying that Hitler was a good person. Rather, the quoted material simply reports Smith’s quite plausible view that Hitler, like many other people who do evil (Smith must have used Hitler as a referent precisely because Smith acknowledges that Hitler did do evil), believe that they are doing good. I’m hardly a Hitler scholar, but my sense is that Hitler did indeed believe that he was doing good, as did Stalin, Bin Laden, and various others.
Volokh rightly questions Smith’s blithe suggestion that evil “just needs reprogramming.” (Ponder the mountain of questions begged by that little adverb “just,” to say nothing of the inappropriately exculpatory word “reprogramming”: responsible individuals are subject to making choices, not “programming.”)
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